Serving the Silver Generation

“Bottom Line: Firms on the forefront of innovation often concentrate on introducing new products to younger consumers, but an aging population gives companies fresh opportunities as well.”

This is a statement from Matt Palmquist, a freelance business journalist from Oakland, California. His article “Serving the Silver Generation” appears as a blog post on a website called strategy+business.

He profiles some of the advancements made by corporations that want to stay relevant in a marketplace that must now figure out how to serve a rapidly growing mature consumer group.

“Firms seeking to exploit demographic changes should reallocate resources toward coming up with products, solutions, and services that meet older consumers’ demands. Moreover, they need to ensure that their employees have the right empathic capabilities and customer orientation toward older people, and they have to generate the appropriate marketing research intelligence on their customers’ needs and preferences.”

Click the link below to read Matt’s research .

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