Levi’s and Harleys

Part of the fun of blogging is being able to blog about other bloggers blogs… In the one I am about to share, the author looks at two iconic American brands that need no introduction.  They are Levi jeans and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Being a motorbiker and also someone who wants to understand how to market more effectively to both the senior and the boomer generations, I was more than just a little curious when I came upon Brent Green’s blog site.

Brent takes a look at what the Levi and Harley Davidson brands meant to the generation that grew up with them… the boomers. These products were more than thread and metal… they were symbols of freedom, individuality and ‘badness’. How far could you push the envelope of acceptability in a society that leaned heavily on conformity?

Today, as Brent points out, these brands still have significant equity in the marketplace.  They have withstood the passage of time. They are still the brands to beat… if you can. They defy all fads.  This doesn’t mean that brand tweaks haven’t been needed to adjust to the unique tastes of younger generations. It would be fool-hardy to sit back and think you had a product so well designed that you didn’t need to stay with the trends.

These brands still hold strong market positions, and boomers (now turning senior) still wield tremendous purchasing power.  I’d venture to say boomers are a generation of consumers that is just as iconic as the Levi and Harley-Davidson brands.

Here’s the link to Brent’s blog. Enjoy.


What Brent Green says about himself and his blog: “This blog is about Baby Boomer consumers and how to sell to them through marketing and advertising. I am a marketing consultant and author of two business books: “Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers: Perceptions, Principles, Practices, Predictions” and “Generation Reinvention: How Boomers Today Are Changing Business, Marketing, Aging and the Future.”

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