Why Print Should Always Be Part of Your Marketing Mix

Businesses often use a combination of media formats to distribute their marketing message. Especially in today’s world, with the expanding internet and social media marketing opportunities, it’s easy to overlook what has worked well in favor of the ‘new” media. Internet advertising is certainly growing, but marketing experts are finding that it works best when combined with a print component, rather than by itself.

Bottom line, print advertising should be a staple ingredient of every business’s marketing mix. Add to it, but don’t eliminate it.

Here’s ten important reasons why print continues to be the strongest marketing option for businesses.

1. Print sways trendsetters. “Influentials” (those who sway other consumers) are themselves influenced by print as this ranking from the MRI Survey of the American Consumer demonstrates:

  1. Magazines: 61%
  2. In-store: 58%
  3. TV: 55%
  4. Newspaper: 53%
  5. Radio: 44%
  6. Free samples: 39%
  7. E-mail: 26%

2. Readers are receptive to print. People remember effective print ads. In fact, magazine ads have the second highest receptivity of any media, second only to TV. But try to “TiVo” a magazine ad!

3. Print drives traffic to websites. Print vehicles provide a unique strategy to drive traffic to your online marketing. If you were to research the millions of websites, you would find that the vast majority use magazine advertising to drive traffic to their website. According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, 47.2% of shoppers are most likely to start an online search after viewing a magazine advertisement.

4. Print provides branding awareness like no other type of media. Nothing makes a brand more recognized than a beautiful ad in a glossy magazine. A well-designed ad is an engaging experience for readers.

5. Print makes introductions. A print ad is like a warm referral to potential customers. The trust factor in magazines is higher than any other form of media. The emotional connection readers can make to a magazine (especially an inspirational magazine like Senior Living) can be an effective gateway to establishing an ongoing relationship with new clients. Indeed, an effective ad in a magazine can be your first handshake.

6. Print gets readers sole attention. Engaging in other media or activities when you’re reading a magazine is difficult. While the readers’ attention is on the magazine, they are totally engaged. In the world of multitasking—where people are texting, e-mailing and listening to their iPod while watching TV—it’s hard to get noticed. But it’s hard to do anything else when you’re reading a magazine! A survey done by Ball State University found that magazines are the exclusive or primary medium 85 percent of the time they are used by consumers.

7. You can take print with you. A magazine is easily slipped into your tote or briefcase. It can be by your favorite chair, your bed, on a bus or airplane—even your bathroom. A laptop on the porcelain throne just does not offer the same experience! And we’re not going to touch televisions in bathrooms, although we know they’re out there!

8. You can pass along print. Magazines get shared and passed on in households and among friends. They can be easily mailed, slipped into a mailbox or under the door, left behind in waiting rooms for others to enjoy, etc. Have you ever tried to share a website while waiting for an appointment?

9. Print has longevity. Print, especially magazines, stick around a long time. Check out your own coffee table. It’s almost certain that you have magazines that have been hanging around a few months, if not years.

10. Print is a lead-generation tool! An effective ad can bring new customers to your door. Clients basically pre-qualify themselves by what they see in your ad so that when they call or come to your store, they already have an idea what they want and are one or two steps along the way to purchasing what you are offering.

For more information on what makes magazines a important marketing venue, visit the INSPIRED Senior Living website at www.seniorlivingmag.com/advertising and check out these articles: “Magazine Effectiveness” and “Why Magazines Touch Readers Like No Other Media”. Both present research results that unequivocally point to print advertising, especially in magazine, as the strongest form of marketing you can put into your campaign portfolio.

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