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Reaching Prime Purchasers

Over half of consumer products and services are said to be purchased by people over 50 yet marketers often overlook older adults as potential customers, spending less than 15% of their advertising dollars to reach this demographic. Ontario’s Centre for Elder Research says advertisers may be missing out on a huge opportunity if they are not paying […]

Expand Your Marketing to 50+ Consumers

Every day the senior consumer market grows while other age-specific markets stay static or decrease. In 2014/2015, the growth rate of the population aged 65 years and older was 3.5%, approximately four times the growth rate of the total population. Half the adult population is over the age of 50. Yet only 15% of marketing […]

Unlocking Opportunities in the Silver Market

Around the world, the growth of the senior market is taking centre stage as countries and businesses grapple with the challenges and opportunities it presents. In Singapore, for example, a Silver Industry Standards Committee (SISC) develops standards to support the growth of mature consumers. The committee’s chairman, Robert Chew, offers some interesting insight into how […]